Identified Activities

Housing For all


Every eligible houseless family shall be provided with house. BPL families living in thatched, semi permanent and rented houses will be covered. Incomplete and unoccupied houses of previous year programmes to be completed and brought under occupancy.

Beneficiaries will have to pay Rs 220 per month towards loan repayment to make the programme sustainable, Gram Panchayats will educate the people to pay property tax and water tax on a regular basis to enable panchayats to provide better services on a sustainable manner.



Connectivity will be provided to all the Gram Panchayats through blacktop roads to ensure proper Bus facility.
Sanitation - Individual Sanitary Latrines (ISLs)
The Government aims at having individual sanitary latrines in all The houses of the villages Government will provide financial assistance in accordance with scheme guidelines to all the eligible people below the poverty line. For the others, the Gram Panchayats would undertake responsibility to encourage them to construct individual latrines. Massive awareness campaign would be taken up in each Gram Panchayats.

Gram Panchayat will make every effort to encourage the entire village to achieve the open defecation free status. Permanent and pucca drainage system will be provided in all the selected villages.
Drinking Water
Government have formulated plans to provide drinking water to the villages where there is no potable water and where there is insufficient water. Quality affected (Fluoride) habitations will be taken up on priority. Government will take up schemes to provide 40 liters of potable water per head per day in all the habitations.
Electricity to every household
Government is giving top priority to the power sector which is key to the Rural Development and is committed to provide electricity to every house in every village.
Primary Education
Steps would be taken to ensure that all the children between 6 to 10 years of age go to School with special focus on girl child. It would be our endeavor to completely eradicate the problem of drop outs. There would be one teacher for every 40 children ensuring their attendance compulsorily. Wherever necessary, additional class rooms will be constructed. Drinking water facIlities and toilets will be provided in all the Primary Schools, Child labour system will be totally eliminated.
Integrated Child Development scheme
For every 1000 population (in the tribal areas for every 500 population) one Anganwadi Centre will be provided. Pucca buildings will be constructed in respect of all the Aanganwadi Centres. Additional nutrition will be given to all the pregnant and lactatIng women and to the children below 6 years for below poverty line families. Iron and folic acid tablets will be given to the teenage girls In such families. All the children between the ages of 3 to 6 years will be admitted in the pre primary school.
Health for all
Ensuring hundred percent deliveries in the health care centers. All the deliveries will be registered. Creating awareness for prevention of diseases like malaria, diarrhea and much dreaded HIV/AIDS. Strengthening of institutional setup to ensure better health care for the people.
The works that Gram Panchayats should take up
Creating infrastructural facilities in the village and its proper maintenance
  • Taking up sanitation works.
  • Registration of births.
  • Eradication of child labour system.
  • Proper collection of’ house taxes, Water tax and other taxes to ensure sustainable development of the village.
INDIRAMMA is a new approach devised by the Andhra Pradesh State Government to ensure integrated and focused development of the villages and towns In a saturation mode to ensure better living standards for our people. Every one of us should make this programme successful by participating in a meaningful manner Be a partner in this endeavor of making every village and town as a model and ultimately our State as a model State in the coming three years.
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